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Designer Duds for Your Desk

Who said the kids heading back to school should be the only ones to get amped about office supplies? Local shops have designer digs to make your workday a little more stylish and a lot more fun.


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After serving as the 2021 Chairman of the @SGFChamber, Biz 417 publisher @LoganAguirre417 is passing the torch to… https://t.co/NnSciSWD4L

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Congratulations @AndersonRachelM and @CristaHogan 👏 https://t.co/fRiNjoAhwJ

12 | 1 week, 5 days ago

Last night #SGFCouncil voted to approve a new Springfield city flag. https://t.co/15xzYfyyYE

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That's right, $100,000,000 💰 https://t.co/MvzG8PWskT

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Hey there 2022! 👋 Our first event of the year is quickly approaching. Don't miss your chance to attend Think Summit… https://t.co/JvbGxjhAhV

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Richard Ollis is one out of our list of 100 of the most influential and powerful names in southwest Missouri. His l… https://t.co/R7FxIzeBgT

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Congratulations to our 2020 Person of the Year @SDECoxHealth https://t.co/t6T57UD3Mb

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It’s always a good morning with @SGFChamber, @BKDLLP and @SpfdCardinals 😊 #GoodMorningSGF https://t.co/SFOTPI3XUu

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@AlecBarron9 @DeeKingSGF_MO @Tim_OReilly7 Glad you asked! Check out our full article on why we picked @Tim_OReilly7… https://t.co/IVoCxFrhlX

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This week we had the opportunity to be in the same room to celebrate the Biz 100, a list of the most influential pe… https://t.co/EOJIyt6D12

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RT @LoganAguirre417: @Biz417 was proud to sponsor the @SGFChamber Small Business Awards today where I had the privilege of interviewing my…

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Person of the Year @Tim_OReilly7. #biz100 #biz417 https://t.co/oj27FlfsAM

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Congratulations @myharmonyhouse and all of the other finalists! 🎉 https://t.co/UlhPNhIK3H

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RT @SGFChamber: Join us for the Small Business Award Luncheon on 11/10 at @SgfOasis @Biz417. We'll honor the 5 finalists - @Dynamic_DNA_Lab…

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"They’re active and influential people, so you’ve probably encountered them. But you may not have heard the perspec… https://t.co/ofcLSPXgUc

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@BKDLLP Great work! 👏

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Do you know a powerful, determined businesswoman who is leading the way and giving back in big ways? Biz 417 is now… https://t.co/rOQJYemLPP

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"The fun part about being here is we get to help create the city of our future and tackle challenges and opportunit… https://t.co/xpfC1vrinB

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Our first annual Best Places to Work issue is now live online! https://t.co/7LBlmMNG5i

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Congratulations to all of our winners! Best Places to Work rankings are revealed. Thanks for making 417-land such a… https://t.co/W1RwazN04M

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