Designer Duds for Your Desk

Who said the kids heading back to school should be the only ones to get amped about office supplies? Local shops have designer digs to make your workday a little more stylish and a lot more fun.

By Heather Kane | Photo by Brandon Alms

Sep 2017

Designer Duds for Your Desk

1. Kate Spade Set The Stage agenda, $40 at The Market

2. Lilly Pulitzer agenda, $35 at The Market

3. Lilly Pulitzer pens, $20 for set of four at The Market

4. Hot Stuff ceramic boss mug, $14 at The Market

5. Kate Spade portable lightning cable, $46 at The Market

6. Kate Spade Flaming Dot thermal mug, $18 at The Market

7. Kate Spade Out to Lunch tote, $30 at The Market

8. Ted Baker canvas cooler bag, $35 at 5 Pound Apparel

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