Leadership Lessons With Volt Credit Union’s Director of Retail Operations

Debbie Tuck joined the Volt team in August. Since then, Tuck has overhauled processes at both Springfield branches.

By Lillian Stone

Dec 09 2019 at 8 a.m.

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Biz 417: What’s an average day for you?
Debbie Tuck: We all definitely wear many hats. It’s a very fast-paced environment and we’re all learning together. The hours just fly by. There’s so much to learn and the people are phenomenal. Everybody works hard to make this the best credit union that it can be.


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Biz: What are your favorite aspects of the job?

D.T.: I know this might not sound super exciting to some people, but the procedural part of things is really fun for me. I like to take a look at what can be tweaked or implemented differently. It’s exciting to see what I can do to share my experience and improve processes and policy.

Biz: What is your proudest professional moment to date?

D.T.: I’m proud of the growth I’ve had in the banking industry—starting as a part-time teller and working my way up to where I am now. I’m proud that I did this while raising my two children who are now both grown and leading successful lives of their own.

Biz: What’s your advice to other professionals implementing processes at new jobs?

D.T.: I think it takes understanding the current processes and then sharing your own knowledge. It doesn’t have to be a full 180—the new process can just be a small tweak to make things a little easier for people.

Biz: What’s the most valuable leadership lesson you’ve learned?

D.T.: Don’t allow yourself to become complacent. Look for ways to grow, change and improve. Just because something works doesn’t mean it couldn’t work better another way.

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