Commercial Design Awards

Commercial Design Awards Winner: Parkcrest Family Dental

This project added 6,000 square feet to the Parkcrest Family Dental footprint, and it was completed without shutting down the office, earning Joyce Buxton and Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective the General Office & Professional Services category award.

By Briley Rakow

Jul 2020

Biz 417 Commercial Design Awards 2020 Winner Parkcrest Family Dental
Photo by Gayle Babcock

CATEGORY: General Office & Professional Services

WINNING DESIGNER: Joyce Buxton, Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective
WINNING ARCHITECT: Jon Dodd, Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective

Without closing down the practice, the team at Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective added 6,000 square feet to the facility.

When the owners of Parkcrest Family Dental, who are also practicing professionals, came to Joyce Buxton of Buxton Kubik Dodd, they wanted to expand their facility while updating the look and function of existing spaces. The only caveat: The owners wanted to keep the facility running while construction and renovations occurred. 

Biz 417: What was your team’s top priority when designing the space?
Joyce Buxton: “Without a doubt, the top priority was how to make the existing facility and the new addition seamless. We had to think about how to remodel the original building and add the addition onto the front of the building and make it look as if all of it was done at the same time. I think the finished project is successful in that regard. It’s completely seamless and cohesive.”

Biz: What is your personal favorite aspect of the project now that it’s done? 
J.B.: “My personal favorite aspect is how you move through the space. Because of the long sweeping shapes, you never have that long sightline; it feels very soft. I like how when the curves come together there’s a node where there’s something interesting happening to indicate to change directions. The lighting tells people that it’s a transition point, and I think that makes it a very pleasing space to move through.”

Photo by Gayle Babcock

Biz: The practice had to remain open throughout the remodel, so what challenges did this present, especially when you had patients coming in daily? 
J.B.: “That was quite a strategic undertaking for the general contractor. Both the team renovating the space and the owners themselves had to have a spirit of teamwork. There’s no way to get around the project being disruptive, but the owners also had to continue seeing patients, and I would say that was a huge challenge. I’m still in awe over how well everyone handled the situation.”

Biz: How did this project differ from others you’ve worked on in the past? 
J.B.: “Our firm happens to do a lot of dental offices. You learn lessons from each project, but the hazard of thinking that you’re an expert in any field can cause problems. We had to listen to what this particular dentist wanted and kept our experience in the back of our minds to offer suggestions.”


Where to find the looks and materials used to create this winning business space in Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas.

Jon Dodd & Eric Street, Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective

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Design Fabrication

Cardoza Construction

Delta Roofing, Inc.

Sheetmetal/ACM Panels
Liberty Architectural Sheet Metal
B&G Window & Screen 

Integrity Total Electric 

Lorenz Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Signature Home Comfort 

Fire Sprinkler
Sho-Me Fire Protection

Korma Computers, Inc. 

Exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS)
JC Plastering Company 

Rosales Masonry

Cardoza Construction

Ron Miller Hardware & Specialty Sales, Inc.

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PHD Painting Inc.

Ceiling Grid
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