Takeaways from the Secret Sauce Summit

Biz 417 Publisher Logan Aguirre interviewed JMARK CEO Thomas H. Douglas.

by Lucie Amberg

May 20 2022 at 8 a.m.

Thomas H. Douglas and Logan Aguirre
Photo by Colin Shea DennistonJMARK CEO Thomas H. Douglas was interviewed by Biz 417 Publisher Logan Aguirre at the Secret Sauce Summit. Purchase Photo

Biz 417 Publisher Logan Aguirre interviewed JMARK CEO Thomas H. Douglas at the Secret Sauce Summit on May 19. In their wide-ranging discussion, they talked about JMARK’s evolution from a business that, at one point, had fewer than 10 employees to its current 120-employee size. They also dove deep into Douglas’s leadership philosophy, much of which was shaped by his time in the U.S. Navy. Douglas shared insights from his new book, Adapt or Die, which he describes as a “handbook for small businesses.”

Top Insights from Thomas H. Douglas

On why he believes small businesses can save the world:

“Small businesses are where the majority of jobs are growing in the United States. If you look at how polarized things are, people don’t seem to come together. But when we come together in a small business and align those values, people believe in the company. It becomes a foundation.”

On his own business mentors and inspirations:

“In Adapt or Die, I describe them as ‘the ninjas and wizards.’ We realized that not every organization has access to those same people… It was a passion of mine to make sure the average business owner has access to those same people, the same information.”

On what he hopes people will gain from Adapt or Die:

“I hope people say that they love it, but as much as anything, I hope people say it’s an accelerator, that it helps speed up their business and saves them from some of the speed bumps that we experienced.”

For more on Adapt or Die, check out our recent Q&A with Douglas and visit the official Adapt or Die website, where Douglas has made additional resources available for fans of the book. Check out the Biz 417 Facebook page for more photos.

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