Q&A with JMARK's Thomas H. Douglas

We sat down with Thomas H. Douglas to learn about his new book, Adapt or Die, and how he developed the “algorithm of success.”

By Lucie Amberg

Mar 2022

Thomas Douglas
Photo by Brandon Alms, image courtesy JMARKCelebrate the publishing of local CEO, Thomas H. Douglas’ debut book Adapt or Die on May 19. Find more details below.
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Photo by Brandon Alms, image courtesy JMARKBiz 417 Publisher Logan Aguirre will host a fireside chat with Thomas Douglas at the Secret Sauce Summit on May 19. Read how to RSVP below.

Biz 417: What made you want to write Adapt or Die? 
Thomas H. Douglas: Originally, the book was pretty technology-focused, but over time, it evolved into a book about leading through change. I created a methodology called “the algorithm of success.” It starts with understanding your product and strategy. Then we look at designs for the growth engine, which typically relate to sales and marketing. From there, the algorithm looks at your financial model, your people and finally operations and processes. The book teaches all these things and provides tools to help business leaders make better decisions. 

Biz 417: Are there specific types of businesses that will find it especially helpful?
T.D.: I think of the target as the company that’s doing good but not great. They’re working their butts off and they can’t quite figure out the solution to get to the next gear. We [at JMARK] experienced it. The book is like paying it forward, so that others don’t have to spend five years getting over that hump. 

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Join JMARK on May 19, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 3:30pm either virtually or in-person and discover how to create innovation, solve people puzzles and win in business. Biz 417 Publisher Logan Aguirre will be there to interview JMARK CEO and author of Adapt or Die Thomas H. Douglas live. Seating is limited so make sure you register now!

Biz 417: What are some of the biggest problems you’d like to help businesses solve?
T.D.: Many problems end up being operations problems, financial problems or people problems. A people problem could be related to staffing or high turnover, or it could be the issues that come up when an owner or CEO brings in a new layer of middle management. Financial problems are often margin management problems. Sometimes, it’s that you don’t know the true cost of your product or service. So either the pricing is wrong, or the business is having trouble quantifying value for the customer. The most common operational challenge is the hand-off between departments. Generally speaking, the sales team works well together, but when they hand the process off to the product delivery team, things might break down. Improving operations is about making more sound transitions to ensure that from the time you’re marketing a product or service to the time you’re invoicing it, the customer is having a smooth experience. 

Biz 417: What’s your biggest goal for this book?
My goal is to help businesses be more intentional. If we can build better leaders who build better companies, we can have a bigger impact on people’s lives. Ultimately, what I’d want to achieve is just a better life for the average American that’s trying to work and do a good job. And helping make sure people have a place where they enjoy working and where they’re creating value for the business as well.

Adapt or Die Launch Party


Celebrate the publishing of local CEO, Thomas H. Douglas’ debut book Adapt or Die on May 19, 2022, 4–6:30 p.m. Join us for an evening of networking, entertainment,and camaraderie. Email to RSVP!
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