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Biz 100 Up Close: David Agee

David Agee is no stranger to flying. When he’s not traveling for work, the attorney is likely working with a client in the aviation industry as a member of Husch Blackwell’s Technology, Manufacturing & Transportation group.

By Adrienne Donica

Jul 2017

Biz 100 Up Close: David Agee
Photo courtesy David Agee

His morning routine:
“I travel somewhat frequently or from time to time I may have international phone calls, so my routine is not always routine. I typically wake up around 5:30 or earlier depending on daily circumstances. If at home, I have a protein milkshake, bike ride (weather permitting) or light workout in the home gym (not as often or as much as I should), shave, shower, get dressed, kiss my wife, pet the dog and head out the door.”

Phone app he could not live without:
“Uber. I use it traveling domestically and internationally. American Airlines and Open Table would rank a close second and third.”

Paper or electronic calendar?
“Electronic. Always with me.”

TV series he’s binge watching right now:
“I am not a binge TV watcher, but [my wife, Suzi, and I] have made a point of following the new Designated Survivor series.”

Social media he uses:
“LinkedIn. I have signed up for Facebook at the request of other friends; however, I have no desire to post, like or message and probably never will. Sorry friends; call me.”

Who he considers a successful individual:
“Completing this on Memorial Day, I think of my Dad, Bent Agee, who lived by principles of hard work, generosity, honesty, family and integrity. He was a member of the Greatest Generation, grew up poor and served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was very active in community and civic affairs while ultimately achieving positions as a regional vice president of Allied Stores and Senior vice president of Heer’s Department Store. After retirement, he was an early pioneer in developing and operating downtown lofts and parking lots in the ’80s through ’90s.”

Favorite method for keeping notes and capturing ideas:
“Combination of the Notes application on my iPad/iPhone and a traditional legal pad.”

How often he checks his email
“Too often. Multiple times per hour per day, less on weekends. I receive a significant amount of work-related emails, many of which require some attention or response.”

Magazines he subscribes to:
“I believe 417 and Biz 417 are the only magazines we personally subscribe to. Most of my reading is done on various online apps and resources.”

417-lander worth watching:
“My wife, Suzi. I might be prejudiced, but she is a really good artist!”