Negotiate Your Way to Higher Pay

Everyone dreads negotiating salaries, but being prepared is key. Sheri Austin, executive vice president of Marlin Network, discusses the steps for crafting a proposal your future employer can’t refuse.

By Asia Key | Photo courtesy Sheri Austin

Jul 2017

Be Honest

Austin suggests you take a humble, self-reflective look at the things you’ve done. Consider your educational background and life experiences. What is your value to this employer? Be willing to look at yourself critically and go through this process to prepare a value proposition. Being heavy-handed or demanding might put your potential employer off.

Be Specific

Understanding how the employer makes money is essential to crafting your salary proposal. The deal should be a win-win versus a one-sided win. Furthermore, Austin says, potential employees should discuss their value relative to specific employers as opposed to the industry market.

Don’t Ignore the Benefits

Your compensation is more than just a salary, but Austin says many people forget to factor in benefits when negotiating. It’s more than okay to ask what the value of any offered benefits are—and if you can negotiate them—as you continue to polish your proposal.