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Biz 100 Up Close: Beth Domann

Springfield Little Theatre Executive Director Beth Domann shares how she stays energized, what she’s reading and the game she can’t stop playing.

By Adrienne Donica

Sep 2016

Beth Domann springfield little theater mo
Photo by Tonya Forbes

Her morning routine: 
“I usually wake up around 6:30 [a.m.] then fall asleep again ’til 8. Get up, get ready, and I have to have a green citrus tea from Kum [&] Go. I don’t drink coffee—never have.”

Phone app she couldn’t live without: 
“Sudoku. [It’s a] serious addiction.”

How often she checks her email: 
“About two times a day.”

Favorite method for keeping notes: 
“Post-it Notes. They are everywhere.”

TV series she’s binge watching: 
The Crown. Amazing. Incredible acting.”

Magazines she subscribes to: 
Smithsonian, This Old House, 417 Magazine, Time and Variety.”

Who she considers a successful individual: 
“Someone who has a balanced life—good work ethic but also gets away and has some fun.”

417-landers worth watching: 
“Lorianne Dunn, Krystal Simon, Ashley Norgard, Zoe Zelonky, the list goes on and on.”

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