How Volt Credit Union and Tina Campbell Keep Customer Morale High

As Springfield and southwest Missouri ease COVID-19 restrictions, Volt Credit Union Call Center Manager Tina Campbell explains how the company remains focused on the well-being of its clients.

By Lillian Stone

May 08 2020 at 11 a.m.

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Photo courtesy ShutterstockVolt Credit Union identifies key strategies for helping clients during COVID-19.

Biz 417: What’s your advice to someone working in a management role in this unstable time?
Tina Campbell: To respond instead of react. As a manager, you set the tone for your team. Typically, I’m more of a verbal person, not an email person—I’d rather talk to somebody than communicate by email. Especially now, you can misconstrue things when you’re communicating electronically. To keep things semi-normal, I check in with my team over a phone call every morning. When you don’t have that face-to-face interaction time, the next best thing is to check in throughout the day to reassure your team that you’re still here for them.

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Biz: Volt is a people-forward business. How did you respond to mandatory social distancing?
We’re still really working to help our members use our electronic services, whether that’s walking them through our online banking system or helping them to deposit checks remotely. That flexibility is the best part of the credit union model.

Biz: How has COVID-19 impacted overall credit union member relations?
The credit union philosophy is about people helping people. That means trying to look at the whole picture—so if I have to make an exception when it comes to, say, requiring a signature on a form, I will. It’s about accommodating customers’ unique needs to get them through COVID-19. That includes helping members in the collections department—things like allowing members to skip their March or April payment if they need another week or two to get back on their feet.

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