Four to Follow with Caitlin Kissee

Caitlin Kissee, the owner of Propel People Development, shares her favorite people and businesses to follow on social media.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Nov 2018

Marie Forleo, Lindsey Pollak, Pantsuit Politics Podcast, Sarah Tucker
Photos courtesy Caitlin Kissee

Marie Forleo

“Marie Forleo is a business genius with super sassy delivery! Her MarieTV videos are wildly entertaining and full of tangible takeaways for entrepreneurs.”

Follow her: @marieforleo

Lindsey Pollak

“Known as a multigenerational workplace expert and the industry expert on millennials, Lindsey’s Twitter feed is a constant stream of practical tips for career-building and improving workplace dynamics.”

Follow her: @lindseypollak

Pantsuit Politics podcast

“My go-to podcast for relevant information on current events, discussed in a bipartisan (‘Sarah from the left and Beth from the right’), civil way—yes, that’s possible!”

Follow them: @pantsuitpolitic

Sarah Tucker

“I love beautiful things, Southern style, travel and raising boys. Sarah Tucker is my go-to blogger (her gift guides are the best) and Insta account for all of these things!”

Follow her: @sarahgtucker