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Nov 2017

Progress for Prosper Springfield

Before she joined the nonprofit world, Francine Pratt worked for the state of California and held professional positions that came with corporate apartments, first-class flights, bonuses and other perks. But when the opportunity for a nonprofit career popped up, the University of Phoenix grad didn’t even blink an eye at giving it all up—or taking a 50-percent salary reduction. Since then Pratt has moved to Springfield and held several notable roles in the community, including executive director for Multicultural Programs at Missouri State University and executive director of Isabel’s House. In March 2017, she took on her newest position as Prosper Springfield director with Community Partnership of the Ozarks. The goal of the organization is to reduce poverty in Springfield. “I am excited to work in a collaborative community to use some existing resources to develop creative ways to help enrich the lives of others,” Pratt says. “Working together, we will help those that want to make their communities and lives more prosperous.”