My Look: Chad Holgerson

The owner and principal designer of Keystone Building & Design likes making a statement with his a modern American-Western style.

By Jenna deJong

Jul 2018

Chad Holgerson Keystone Building & Design
Photo by Brandon AlmsChad Holgerson's style: Modern American-Western Purchase Photo

A rugged but modern American appeal is what Chad Holgerson goes for in his day-to-day and professional lives. Mixing sport coats with expensive Western boots, Holgerson believes in dressing to impress and chooses his clothes as a visual statement about who he is. And what’s his staple? An impressively thick mustache.  

In his line of work, clients are looking for something exciting, and Holgerson hopes to meet that need when he first steps in the door. “[Clients] are all going to be impressed by something they see out of me and the story I am trying to tell them, which is I am the creative guy they want to hire, and as I walk up, they can see that by the image on my face as well as my dress,” Holgerson says.

Regardless of his outfit, everything Holgerson dresses in is of his own choosing–no inspiration needed. “I have always been my own guide when it comes to how I look,” Holgerson says. “I’m interested in people being their own person and self-expression, but also can see when people get caught up in a fad and overdo it, so I make sure I don’t do that.” 

Besides taking time to pick out the proper clothing, Holgerson also works every day to ensure his championship-winning ’stache stays in perfect condition. He belongs to the Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation and uses Layrite pomades to keep it in place.

True Grit orange shirt and Billy Reid standard blue chambray shirt
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Anderson Bean men’s caiman alligator cowboy boots
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Layrite superhold pomade
Photo by Brandon AlmsHolgerson’s signature piece is his mighty ’stache held perfectly in place by his go-to pomade brand. Layrite superhold pomade, $18 at Target. Purchase Photo
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