Nathan Taylor's Classic Style

This Springfield business owner says he’s not trendy at all; luckily, that’s just the way he likes it.

By Hanna Flanagan

Jan 2019

Nathan Taylor has never ordered anything from Amazon, and you’d never catch him wearing a beanie. The Obelisk Home co-founder and principal designer oozes style but says he has no desire to follow trends. His taste is classic and timeless, so instead of making routine purchases on items that will go out of style just as quickly as they came in, Taylor invests in classic pieces that transcend generations—a cable-knit sweater, for instance. 

“I think if you have a great classic base to work from, it’s really easy to throw in a trendy item or the hot color of the season,” Taylor says. “But you’re not married to it forever.” One hot menswear style Taylor is loving at the moment is wing-tip boots. They’re elegant but totally functional and comfortable, perfect for a creative professional like Taylor. “I think you have to dress to follow your career choice,” Taylor says. “For me, it’s important that I look put-together and that my clients see me [look] put-together.” 

Although he’s inspired by the aesthetic of legendary designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford, Taylor says he shops almost exclusively at brick-and-mortar stores. He wants to be relatable to his customers, which can’t be accomplished by sporting high-end designer labels. And, as a small business owner himself, Taylor feels a responsibility to invest back into his community. “I really believe in supporting local retailers,” Taylor says. “That’s what keeps our city alive.”

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