Straighten Up

Being desk-ridden during the day can lead to your spine getting out of whack. Dr. Steven Loehr with Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture offers up four tips on how to beat the workday slouch.

Illustrations by Heather Kane

Jan 2016

Leg Up

Your legs should be at a less than 90 degree angle when you’re sitting in your chair. Make sure your feet are straight in front of you and are flat on the floor.


Straight Ahead

Your computer should be facing you, and your eyes should be in line with the middle of your screen. Chair position is also imperative—it should be pushed in far enough so you’re not leaning forward.


Arm Angle

When you rest your forearms on your desk, your hands should fall flat on your keyboard without stretching too far forward. Same thing with your mouse—your hand should fall on your mouse, and you should work from there, all while keeping a slight bend in your arms.


Stretch It Out

Often, especially while at a computer, your head can strain too far forward. It can affect your posture and your spine. Get realigned by pulling your head back and leaning back to stretch as far as you can for a few seconds.

Good to know:

The key to sitting up straight is your lumbar curve. When your pelvis is tucked in creating that curve in your lower back, it forces you to sit up straighter.

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