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Loehr Health Center at Farmers Park
Dr. Aimee LaBrie; Dr. JT Goins; Dr. James Crawford; Dr. Tricia Clements; Dr. Abigail Emery; Dr. Ryan Cleous; Dr. Steven Loehr; Dr. Erica Bell


2144 E. Republic Rd.
Ste. A-104
Springfield, MO
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About Loehr Health Center

The team at Loehr Health Center, formerly Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture, can get you where you need to be your best self!

The Loehr Health Center in Farmers Park stands out for their comprehensive approach to family wellness, including both eastern and western medical practices. Many chronic conditions in the body are caused by everyday factors like the environment, nutrition and exercise. Loehr looks for the root cause, treats it and alleviates your symptoms. They also offer athletic training care programs and have an incredible gym in their new facility!

Jason Hall is just one of the Certified Athletic Trainers employed at Loehr. He is the only expert in the area certified by Titleist to train clients looking to work on their golf swing. This can improve your form and increase your range of motion, endurance, strength and flexibility.

All of the athletic trainers at Loehr Health Center can help you stay at your peak health and performance. When accidents happen, their physicians and athletic trainers work together to evaluate your injuries and create a treatment plan. This can help your body to recover from any previous injuries and strengthen it to prevent future ones from occurring.

Improve your performance, prevent injury and get back in the game with Loehr Health Center.

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