Products Made in Southwest Missouri that are Used Globally

Cashew chicken isn’t the only notable thing made in southwest MO. Check out this small sampling of local plants and headquarters, plus the products they produce and ship around the world.

By Jenna deJong

Nov 2019

Compilation of products made in southwest Missouri
Photos courtesy White River Marine Group, Shutterstock; by Sara GenslerThere are a surprising number of products made right here in southwest Missouri that are then used around the world.

Tracker Boats

Made by: White River Marine Group
White River Marine Group is a member of Bass Pro Group.

Aluminum Windows

Made by: EFCO Corporation
The company has worked on a major university in almost all 50 states.

Space Connectors

Made by: Positronic
Used for spacecraft or a satellite. Must be approved by NASA or the European Space Agency.

Barcode Labels

Made by: Ample Industries
Some of the company’s locally owned customers include Askinosie Chocolate and Andy’s Frozen Custard.

Automation Systems

Made by: DT Engineering
Some of its Fortune 500 customers include Whirlpool, 3M, John Deere and Goodman.

Frosted Flakes Powder

Made by: Glanbia Nutritionals
Did you know the powder that goes on Frosted Flakes is made in Springfield?

Corrugated Boxes

Made by: SMC Packaging
Otherwise known as cardboard, this is used for Amazon Prime and StitchFix shipping boxes.

Dasani Water Bottles

Made by: Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr Pepper Bottling Co.
Products are distributed throughout southwest Missouri and into Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Exercise Bikes 

Made by: Stamina Products
The company has partnered with Gold’s Gym, Joyus, Danskin and more.

Plastics for Dashboards

Made by: Diversified Plastics Corp.
Makes plastics for auto manufacturers for products like dashboards.

Frank's RedHot

Made by: McCormick & Co.
Products are sold in 150 countries and territories around the world.

Natural Food Colors

Made by: Food Ingredient Solutions LLC
Used in sports drinks and baked goods.

Organic Spices and Seasonings

Made by: Red Monkey Foods
Used in organic recipe mixes.

Küat Bike Racks

Made by: Küat Innovations LLC
The company ships its products all over the country and to Canada.

Stainless Tanks

Made by: Paul Mueller Co.
The local steel industry says that if a product goes in or on your body, it most likely went through a local company’s tanks.

Russell Stover Candies Boxes

Made by: Westrock
Other clients include Kraft Foods and Amazon.


Made by: Vital Farms
The company processes over 2 million eggs per day and the Springfield plant is only 2 years old.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

Made by: The Kraft Heinz Company
 This company has been a major employer in the region for nearly 65 years.

Diesel Engines

Made by: Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.
Remanufacturing, also called the "ultimate form of recycling," is SRC's specialty.

Whiskey Barrels

Made by: Missouri Cooperage
Owned by Independent Stave Company, which was first founded in 1912.

OZ Water

Made by: Deer Lake Springs
Sourced from a trapped glacier sitting 2,000 feet below the Ozarks.