Matt Gifford, Dan Reiter Promoted in Cardinals Organization

The organizational changes were announced on Tuesday, June 20 during a press conference at Hammons Field.

By Dayle Duggins

Jun 20 2017 at 3:51 p.m.

Matt Gifford (left) will be stepping down as Vice President and General Manager of the Springfield Cardinals and Dan Reiter (right) will be stepping up in his place.

After 13 years with the local redbirds, Springfield Cardinals Vice President and General Manager Matt Gifford is moving up to the majors. He's been named the St. Louis Cardinals vice president of stadium operations. "I am honored that they are going to be giving me this opportunity, but boy, am I going to miss Springfield," he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Springfield native Dan Reiter will take over his watch. Reiter, who was hired in 2004, was previously the vice president of sales and marketing. The title change puts him in charge of everything except wins, losses and the weather. Reiter's personal dedication to the Cardinals runs deep—he proposed to his wife at Hammons Field—and he's excited to create even more memories with the organization in his new role. 

Fun fact: Reiter was part of 417 Magazine's 20 Under 30 and Gifford's memorabilia-packed Hammons Field office was featured in Biz 417 in 2016.

The title changes are effective immediately as Gifford will begin to split his time between Springfield and St. Louis. Honor Matt's leadership and usher in Dan's by catching a Springfield Cardinals game at Hammons Field. Reiter says he will greet fans at the gates for the remainder of the season.


Claire Porter contributed to this article.