Meet Moxie, the Volt Credit Union Mascot

Moxie is a force of nature – literally. Meet the overachieving Volt Credit Union mascot and find out her big goals for little members.

by Ren Bishop

May 05 2023 at noon

Moxie, the new Volt Credit Union mascot
Photo courtesy of Volt Credit UnionMeet Moxie, the new Volt Credit Union mascot!

Alexandra Sebastian Rose had been a member of Volt Credit Union since before she can remember. One day, when she was making a deposit, she saw a fox on the driver seat of the Volt company car.

“I walked in and I asked, ‘Does Volt have a character now?’” says Rose. “I let them know that if they ever had a costume or physical character for Moxie, that I’d love to perform as her, because I’m a professional mascot performer based here in Springfield.’ And it really was great luck, because her costume was arriving next week.”


Volt Credit Union logo

Moxie the Fox is the mascot for Volt Credit Union. Full of spunk and sass, she’s an overachiever and go-getter, who gets things done and keeps her money safe. With Moxie, Volt’s brand and goals of making banking approachable come to life, says Dr. Marissa Weaver, growth and development officer for Volt.

“Moxie helps Volt connect with a younger audience, and the kids flock to her at events in our community,”  she says. “Moxie really embodies that spirit of accessibility to banking, that it’s not scary, and that supports our dynamic youth financial literacy programs.”

Moxie interacting with kids
Photo courtesy of Volt Credit UnionMoxie helps Volt connect with their younger audience.

In each Volt Credit Union branch, there’s a Kids Corner, where visiting members and kids can pick up suckers, stickers and coloring sheets.Volt offers youth accounts to start encouraging saving and budgeting early on. They sponsored the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase this spring, showcasing small businesses owned by 417-land children. For older kids, Volt has a digital resource of financial literacy lessons written with teens in mind. And this fall, a student-run branch of Volt will open at Hillcrest High School.

With Moxie, these lessons come to life, engaging with all children in 417-land to make smart money choices for their whole lives.

“Moxie’s goal is to make banking fun,” says Rose. “Money and finances, those seem so adult, but they don’t have to be. She loves to dance and save money. And she’s an overachiever; she doesn’t just reach out to the kids, she reaches out to adults as well. She’s making an impact and swishing her tail.”

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