Meet Shari Hoffman: Empowering Springfield Residents to Plan for a Better Financial Future

In her role as Managing Director at FORVIS, Shari Hoffman assists families in crafting a plan for financial success.

By Jordan Blomquist

Mar 2024

Shari Hoffman of FORVIS is helping families in planning for financial success.
Photo courtesy of FORVIS.Shari Hoffman of FORVIS is helping families in planning for financial success.

Shari Hoffman is driven each day by her passion for helping families.

As a Managing Director at FORVIS Private Client, Hoffman collaborates with families to help them make clear and successful financial decisions. FORVIS is an accounting and consulting firm in Springfield, Missouri, with a team that aims to listen to understand, respond promptly and consult with purpose.



“Many, many years ago,” Hoffman began her career in the finance sector. “It’s been one of the best choices that I have made,” she says. Before FORVIS, she worked as vice president and trust officer at a regional bank and at a private trust company in the same positions. Hoffman joined FORVIS 23 years ago to help launch their wealth advisory subsidiary. Over time, her natural entrepreneurial spirit propelled her into her current leadership role. At FORVIS, Hoffman helps clients answer these questions:

• What will their retirement look like?
• Where do they find insurance for their unique collection?
• How do they pass a second home to future generations?
• What conversations do they need to have before a loved one passes away?
• Do they need an estate plan? What is an estate plan?
• What is the legacy they want to leave with their money?

“As one goes through life and transitions from basic financial needs to acquiring assets, it’s helpful to have someone with experience to navigate those choices and simplify the complexities that can come with it,” Hoffman says. Her work is very customized to each client, their needs and what is most important to them. When working with a new client, some need to take one step at a time and build their process over several months, and others are ready to get several things accomplished quickly. 

A Passion for Serving Others

Hoffman’s dedication to her career is driven by her genuine love for it. “I wouldn’t have been in this for over 30 years if this isn’t what I enjoy doing,” she says. Her favorite aspect of her job is serving clients. “I am so passionate about helping them along this journey and guiding them to make good choices,” she says. “When we get to celebrate a success, an accomplishment of a goal, that is what I am very passionate about.” 

The intricacies of wealth are something Hoffman is acutely aware of, and she is committed to educating her clients about them. “Money can create complex problems, and it is a blessing, and with blessings come a responsibility,” she says. 

Financial Tips

Everyone can benefit from a little financial advice. “Financial decisions can really have an impact on your future,” Hoffman says. “It is important to make good choices along the way.” 

Hoffman’s top three recommendations for individuals seeking to enhance their financial understanding are:

1. Take the first step and get started—it’s that easy.
2. Find someone who can help guide you along the path. 
3. Engage in crucial conversations with your family to address important financial matters. 

The strategies and tips Hoffman shares with her clients are ones she implements in her own home and family life. Ultimately, her goal is to empower clients to achieve financial confidence and lead stress-free lives. “I am passionate about helping families achieve peace of mind,” Hoffman says.  

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