Courtney Keleher on Employee Recruitment and Retention

The personal banker turned Branch Manager at Volt Credit Union talks about “The Great Resignation” and how to find and keep the best employees.

by Rae Swan Snobl

Dec 06 2021 at 8 a.m.

Courtney Keleher Branch Manager at Volt Credit Union
Photo courtesy Volt Credit UnionCourtney Keleher is a Branch Manager at Volt Credit Union

Biz 417: What was the biggest challenge you faced starting your new role as Branch Manager at Volt?
Courtney Keleher: One of my biggest challenges has been retention and recruitment. I think most people know the current job market is wide open and that there are a lot of options for employment.This has led to “The Great Resignation.” I must focus on how I get people to choose Volt in the first place, and once I hire, how to keep the people I’ve invested my time and energy into.

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Biz 417: What is “The Great Resignation” and how does this affect the way managers recruit and retain employees?
C.K.: The “Great Resignation” is the current issue of people leaving their jobs for more -  more respect, more personal time, and more pay. The pandemic changed the way many people looked at their career and they decided they wanted a change. It’s no longer just about how the employee is a good fit for the job, but how the job is a good fit for the employee. To hire and retain people now, managers need to understand what is important to their employees. Not everyone is motivated by money. For some it’s having a good work/life balance, being a part of a cause they truly believe in, or the opportunity to develop new skills.

Biz 417: What advice do you have for any manager trying to recruit and retain employees?
C.K.: Be open and honest. Tell the prospect where your company shines and where it may run into roadblocks. Then listen. Managers can’t keep someone around if they don’t even know what will make the employees happy. Talk to your people. Learn about them. We are all fighting for the same employees, so differentiate yourself as someone who cares about what your employees have to say.

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