Cast Executive Opens in Farmers Park

The boss palace offers fourth floor views, an outdoor patio, a private shower room and more. Plus, Cast is expanding to Bentonville.

By Shannon Hoffmann

Dec 29 2017 at 12:23 p.m.

Photo courtesy Cast

Co-working spaces are on the come up in Springfield. There's Originate Office Space in the heart of downtown, The eFactory, which recently announced that it's 100 percent occupied, and Cast Coworkspace in Farmers Park.

Run by Green Circle Projects, Cast Coworkspace offers a laid-back atmosphere, endless amounts of natural light and adjustable music in every area. Now, its ritzy sibling, Cast Executive, is up and running in Farmers Park's newest building. 

Cast Executive is designed for the businesspeople who enjoy the finer things in life. With natural woods, opulent finishes and industrial metals, the co-working space also offers members lockable private offices and reception desks if needed. Instead of a ground view, the fourth floor boss palace has an outdoor patio, espresso machine, wine cooler and private shower room.

“Cast Executive is a great office space for an organization looking to take their business to the next level,” says Meagan Dollens, executive director of Cast Coworkspace. “Our workspace offers the privacy needed to get work done, exclusivity of calling Farmers Park home, and the collaborative atmosphere that co-working inspires.”

Both Cast workspaces include amenities including reception services, 24/7 access, local coffee and beer on tap, full kitchens, conference rooms and commercial printing stations.

Cast Executive has no specific requirements to become a member. Currently, there are multiple undisclosed tenants and a few offices still available for lease. 

“Being able to offer private office space in a co-working environment was important to grow the concept of Cast and co-working in the Ozarks,” Dollens says. “For any business looking to expand, being able to cut overhead costs like utilities, maintenance, internet and consumables, can be vital to survival. The addition of Building F in Farmers Park was the perfect opportunity for Cast to try out a new, higher-end model, and expand to offer two different concepts of co-working.”

In addition to Springfield's south side, Cast will be expanding its operations to Bentonville, Arkansas in early 2018. 

“Cast Bentonville will offer private offices, dedicated desks and social memberships for travelers and and digital nomads,” Dollens says.

According to Dollens, open office space is the fastest growing format in the country, so there is hope for more Cast expansions in the future.