Best Places to Work

1. OMG Commerce

Landing at the top spot for the second year, OMG Commerce offers autonomy while encouraging personal and professional growth.

by Jennifer Johnmeyer

Sep 2022

Staff at OMG Commerce in Springfield MO
Photo courtesy OMG Commerce

OMG Commerce employees value the autonomy and empowerment their employer offers. CEO Brett Curry points out that the organization’s ingrained vision, mission and culture statements aren’t only found on the main entrance wall; they’re also embedded in the day-to-day operations, actions and decisions of each employee—who work in a variety of locations. OMG offers employees a full range of work options, including fully in-person, hybrid and fully remote.

“We’ve worked hard to adapt to current workforce needs and want our team to work where they are at their best,” Curry says.


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“We take smart, driven, and talented people and help them grow faster personally and professionally.”
— Brett Curry, CEO

With wide-ranging benefits including a 401(k) match of 4%, 100% paid healthcare coverage, unlimited PTO and competitive maternity and paternity leave, Curry adds that OMG’s emphasis is on caring deeply about its employees as people and wanting team members to win both professionally and in life.

“We do everything we can to help employees grow and level up,” he says. “We take smart, driven, and talented people and help them grow faster personally and professionally.”

Part of that growth includes ensuring employees understand that being radically candid with leadership is not just welcomed; it’s encouraged. When it comes to decision making and business direction, everyone in the organization has a seat at the table.

Curry summarizes his leadership style as one based on trust, support, and high expectations. He points out that, while OMG is a fun place to work, it’s not always an easy place to work. But it’s all for the greater good. When asked if there was one thing that he would want to express to his employees, Curry has a simple answer.

“My greatest joy is helping team members reach their full potential,” he says.