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Regent Bank

The Face of Small Business Lending

Sep 2022

Jeff Killian, Nick Burlison, Kim E. Cash, Mick Nitsch
Photo by Leah StiefermannJeff Killian, Nick Burlison, Kim E. Cash, Mick Nitsch

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help a small business owner achieve their goals and live out their dreams. At Regent Bank, we are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, and we absolutely love what we do!

We’ve helped finance the American dream for 121 years as an SBA preferred lender. We are different because we are owned and operated by small business owners and were designed to serve small business owners. We have close personal relationships with our clients, and we add value beyond traditional banking services. We really listen to the client, because we have been right where they are! Regent Bank is a Member FDIC.

3271 E. Battlefield Rd., Springfield | 417-886-1330 | regent.bank

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