Make Your Office Garden Thrive

Beautify your office space with these tips from Nolan Hardison, owner of plantscaping company Dream Grower.

By Karen Bliss

Sep 2017

Make Your Office Garden Thrive

Pick the right plant

Choosing a plant for your atmosphere and lighting is an important part of plantscaping, says Nolan Hardison, owner of Dream Grower. Plants thrive in low, medium or high lighting, so pay attention to your office’s lighting when considering options. Tropical plants are most commonly used inside and are often the best choice. “Tropical plants continue to grow all year, but our native plants all go dormant in the winter,” he says.

Be consistent

All plants need consistent care; however, not all plants are equal. “Some plants need watering once a week, [some] once every two weeks and some two times a week,” Hardison says. “The plants actually breathe through their roots. If you water them too much, you can literally drown the plant.” Additionally, dusting plants is vital. “A buildup of dust can actually clog the pores of the leaves,” he says. 

Replace plants as needed

“Just like people, plants do not last forever,” Hardison says. People can grow attached to their plants, especially if they were from a life event or were a gift. However, a weathered plant doesn’t add anything to office space. 

Fake it till you make it

Artificial plants can be tasteful, Hardison says. In fact, it might be your best option. Dream Grower recently created the plantscaping for the interior of a new medical facility, and part of the building was too dark for the live ivy the client wanted, so Dream Grower supplied fake ivy.