Conducting Business Beyond State Borders

Whether you’re considering relocation or just investing in a company outside Missouri, Shannon Singleton of Staffing Plus explains how to stay successful from afar.

By Jenna DeJong

Sep 2017

Conducting Business Beyond State Borders

Brian and Shannon Singleton aren’t typical 417-land business owners. They bought staffing agency Staffing Plus a year ago and still manage the business all the way from their home in Salt Lake City. Whether you’re considering relocation or just investing in a company outside Missouri, Shannon explains how to stay successful from afar. 

Tip 1: Hire dependable go-getters

Consider who will act as the face of the business in your absence. “The first thing I would do is make sure I have individuals I could trust who would be able to manage operations locally,” Shannon Singleton says. “I have a business manager whom I trust as well as other [women] in the office who take pride and ownership over the business.” 

Tip 2: Make time to network 

Just like any other business, Staffing Plus must remain well-known to prosper. Singleton and her employees make it a priority to stay connected. “When I come into town, I take advantage of networking opportunities,” Singleton says. “The [women] in the office also attend luncheons and go to after-hours events through the chamber. We utilize community events for others to see our name.”

Tip 3: Keep talking

Communication is key for a reason. “I’m constantly calling and emailing asking what the goals are for today and then following up on those things,” Singleton says. “We have weekly conference calls, so I’m able to mediate conflicts just by touching base. If a conflict does arise, being able to sort it out face-to-face rather than over the phone is much more helpful.” 

Tip 4: Play to distance’s strengths

“Being so far away can help with not micromanaging your employees,” Singleton says. “Having a manager who hovers is detrimental to a business. I think [distance] empowers the employees to really take ownerships and have an opportunity to implement and to drive day-to-day operations.”

Tip 5: Consider travel options

When choosing a city for either your permanent residence or business, Singleton says to consider travel options and amenities you would be using frequently. “I would question if there is accessibility to a hotel or lodging close to your business, if there’s an Uber, and what else is around your business that will allow you to stay close by and get around easily,” Singleton says.