Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

Regina Waters, dean of Drury University’s College of Graduate Studies with a doctorate in communication, knows the power of networking. Set your LinkedIn profile apart with her tips.

Nov 2016

Improve Your Linkedin Presence

Shine up your summary. 

Your summary can frame what makes you tick. “It can also reveal your attitude and really make a powerful statement about you as a worker,” Waters says. “People can imagine what it’s like to work with you.”

Make the irrelevant relevant. 

“Experiences can illustrate things in your background like customer service, teamwork and communication skills,” she says. “Err on the side that someone’s going to see value in your ‘irrelevant’ experiences.”

Connect offline. 

“Give people something to talk to you about,” Waters says. And make sure they have other ways to contact you, such as a professional email address or cell phone. “It all makes a difference,” she says.