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Biz 100 Up Close: Brad Thomas

The fun—and hard work—is just ramping up for Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City. Here’s how Thomas keeps himself on track throughout the season.

By Adrienne Donica

Mar 2018

brad thomas silver dollar city branson mo
Photo courtesy Brad Thomas

His morning routine:
“I love life; I don’t love mornings! I’m generally up between 6:45 and 7 a.m. I turn on the TV to catch the news of the day, I get my News-Leader (faithfully delivered in my drive), quick breakfast while scanning the paper and then I’m focused on getting out the door.”

Apps he couldn’t live without: 
“ (The theme park world is impacted by weather!) and Google (I have an inquiring mind, and I want to know facts).”

His go-to pump up jams: 
“My playlist is diverse from hits of the ’80s to today: country, rock, pop, Southern gospel, praise/worship and contemporary Christian. Love the new Thumbprint station on Pandora!”

His defining characteristic:
“I care! Let’s talk, plan and act.”

Favorite method for capturing ideas: 
“A journal that I keep notes for business and the iPhone Notes app for workshops [and] seminars.”

Who he believes is worth watching in 417-land: 
“I’m a fan of the incredible young people working throughout Silver Dollar City’s organization. Whether just starting out or moving into leadership roles, generally they are more committed [and] more caring (about the guests and our organization) than previous generations [were] their age. I also continue to be blown away by the amazingly talented and committed students and graduates from Missouri State.”

Magazines he subscribes to: 
“Time, The Week (a magazine with a great abbreviated summary of the week’s national and world news from a variety of sources), 417 Magazine, Biz 417 and Springfield Business Journal.”

TV series he is binge-watching right now: 
“I rarely binge watch any television, and certainly not this time of year as we gear up for spring openings!”

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