Nail Your Presentation

Colin McAllister of McAllister Coaching LLC says a great presentation in front of potential investors is memorable and simple. Here’s three tips to help you nail it every time.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2017

Nail Your Presentation

Smile and Maintain Eye Contact. These are the first steps to appearing credible and convincing. Both techniques build trust for your audience. McAllister also recommends to not forget to add enthusiasm to your demeanor. 

Rehearse Your Presentation. Even if your only listener is your pet, don’t skip this vital step. Evaluate yourself with a home video and watch for the use of meaningless words. Preparation and warming up helps overcome nervousness.

Have a Strong Conclusion. McAllister says your kicker is how they’ll remember you. “By analogy, you’re going to point to something, and every time they see it they are going to think of you,” he says. “When they walk away, they’ve got you.”