Entrepreneur Jayme Sweere Wants to Stop Your Stress

The local yoga expert founded to help professionals bring their bodies back to balance for a healthier lifestyle. Sit up straight and take it all in.

By Jenna DeJong

Jul 2018 helps professionals chill.
Photo courtesy Jessy ScottA former basketball player and coach, Jayme Sweere used yoga and meditation to stay balanced at her desk job. Now she has helped eight organizations and counting through her workplace wellness consulting business.

Biz 417: What inspired
Jayme Sweere:
I worked at a yoga and meditation retreat center for a website called I was there for three years working in marketing, business development and content creation. I learned a ton about yoga and meditation while simultaneously sitting in a cubicle. Having gone from being a coach and moving all day to sitting at a desk, it was hard on me. I developed what I will call lifestyle experiments. I would change or add a couple things that I learned from yoga to my own life. That’s how the techniques and programs in came to be. 

Biz: What convinced you to start the business? 

Both as a coach and working with people individually as a personal trainer and yoga therapist, time and time again the things that were blocking someone from their goals were their habits. They were unable to change their habits because they were stressed out, which means they were functioning in fight-or-flight all the time. If everyone in an organization has the tools to calm their nervous system, it improves cognitive function, builds the skill of adaptability and creates environments where something new can be created.

Photo courtesy Jessy Scott
Photo courtesy Jessy Scott
Photo courtesy Jessy Scott

Biz: How is different from other workplace wellness programs? 
Stressed Out Humans integrates ancient techniques of self-regulation and current biomechanics and neuroscience into the workplace environment, like meditative traditions where people were doing different experiments with their body. We teach ways of breathing and moving that cause physiological effects in the body, and [we] work with organizations to develop a workforce of individuals capable of expressing their unique genius by designing a lifestyle that supports peak human performance.

: How can someone successfully change their habits? 
Usually when people try to change a habit, they try to change a lot of habits at once. Sustainable change is incremental and really targeted at the weakest link. What’s the one thing you can change that will change a lot of things? Focus on that.