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Biz 100 Up Close: Brian Fogle

When he’s not figuring out how to improve 417-land, Brian Fogle, president and CEO of Community Foundation of the Ozarks, is likely watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

By Adrienne Donica

Jan 2018

Photo courtesy Brian Fogle

His morning routine: 
“I get up at 4:17 (to honor your magazine, of course), make coffee and sit down with a couple of morning newspapers. I usually arrive at the office between 6 and 6:15. My day would be incomplete without coffee because I would be comatose.”

Phone app he couldn’t live without: 
“I’ve lived without all phone apps. I have a flip phone for Pete’s sake.”

What keeps him up at night: 
“Very little. I fall asleep easily. However, at stoplights I do think about: How can we give everyone an equal chance to live a fulfilling life? Are my kids having a good day? Why did The Beatles have to break up? Why is Ole Miss football on probation?”

TV series he is binge-watching right now: 
“I’m an avowed fan of The Walking Dead. As I answer these in December, I’m now binge-watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel as well. Interesting juxtaposition between the two.” 

His go-to pump up jam: 
“I have a playlist for nearly every occasion, except maybe cutting my toenails. Come on songwriters, there’s a challenge for you!”

Magazines he subscribes to:
“All of the 417 brands, of course. And the Oxford American. Still need my connection to Southern literature.”