Great Game for Small Business
Biz 417 has partnered with The Great Game of Business to bring local business owners a rare and exclusive opportunity: the chance to participate in The Great Game for Small Business. 

Until now, The Great Game of Business—created by 417-land’s SRC Holdings and Jack Stack—was a program that mostly was implemented in medium and large companies. Biz 417 recognized that small businesses deserve to invest in the same results themselves… results like a six time increase in profit growth, two time increase in revenue growth and three times the national average in employee engagement. 

The Great Game agreed, and together we’ve created a program exclusively for four local small businessesPenn Enterprises, Inc.; Volt Credit UnionMother's Brewing Company and Cabinet Concepts by Design.
Curious to find out how it went for each business? Hear from Jack Stack of SRC Holdings; Alesha Gonzales of Penn Enterprises, Inc.; Loretta Roney of Volt Credit Union; Jeff Schrag of Mother's Brewing Company and Matt and Shelley Wehner of Cabinet Concepts by Design at the next B-School Breakfast on Thursday, June 13

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What is the Great Game of Business? 

• The program lasts 16 weeks, from February 11 to May 31. 
• Participants will receive rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. The Great Game creates a business of business people who act and feel like owners.
• The program costs $5,995 per participating business, which is significantly less than the normal price tag of $25,000 or more for the traditional game implementation. 
 Ideal candidates are a small 417-land business, with 5 to 30 full-time employees. 
 The CEO must participate, with up to four additional employees. 
 To coach you through increasing your profits, ideal candidates must be able to produce a monthly budget and monthly financials in a timely manner.
 This is a game you play with your people, so you have to be open to sharing the financials with your staff in a transparent and honest manner. 
 The five small businesses that are chosen will interact with and learn from each other, so you’ll need to be willing to share about your business in a group setting. To protect your business, only one company from an industry may participate. 
 Great change takes commitment, including a time commitment. Over 16 weeks, you can expect 12 hours of personal coaching calls, 40 hours of self-paced online learning and homework on top of that. 
 Participants must be available the morning of June 13 to attend Biz 417’s B-School and share about your experience as a panelist. 
 Granted, The Great Game for Small Business isn’t for everyone. It’s for those business leaders who are looking for true transformation; who understand the upside of an engaged staff; who fantasize about a business life in which others share the burdens often reserved for owners and executive staff; who view prosperity as a journey, not just an outcome. The Great Game for Small Business may just be the Aha! moment you’ve been looking for. 

About SRC Holdings
SRC Holdings is a Springfield, Missouri company founded and led by Jack Stack. They are known worldwide for their open-book management style, The Great Game of Business, which espouses transparency, integrity, and business and financial literacy. SRC Holdings has hosted more than 5,000 companies from around the world—including Southwest Airlines, Harley-Davidson and Whole Foods Market—prompting Businessweek to label SRC Holdings as a "Management Mecca." In just the past few years, The Great Game of Business and Open-Book Management have been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, featured on MSNBC & PBS “News Hour,” selected as one of the “100 Best Business Books of All Time” and chosen as the “#1 Most Innovative Business Practice” by INC Magazine.