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Moving Online with Big Cedar Lodge

Experience all the fun Big Cedar Lodge has to offer with their new e-commerce site!

Michelle Lewis

Nov 2022

E-commerce website
Photo courtesy ShutterstockBig Cedar Lodge's new e-commerce site with make your experience with the resort convenient, efficient, and fun.

The Problem

In the past, Big Cedar Lodge often received requests from visitors and locals for a platform that would allow them to purchase the resort’s signature items online. Jared Henzlik, director of retail at Big Cedar, says this typically came from those who regretted not purchasing something during their stay. Additionally, locals frequently reached out looking for a convenient way to support the resort. 

The Big Idea

The idea for an e-commerce site has cycled through many minds at Big Cedar. Over the last few years, the company has made strong additions to the team that have led to positive growth. These additions provided the manpower and infrastructure to bring a project of this size into reality, says Henzlik. 

The Learning Curve

Throughout the entire process, Henzlik and the team knew that they had just one shot to get it right. Henzlik knew that the experience customers received online had to be congruent with the experience of the resort. This meant checking every detail and solving any hiccups, even if this delayed the project. But, Henzlik says, he knew the proper team with the proper skills would lead to success. “Everything from the person writing the code to having the right artwork is super important,” he says. 

The Takeaway

The response from customers tells the company that the creation of an e-commerce site was the right decision. The goal for the e-commerce site is not only to bring customers the experience of Big Cedar but also to grow with the business and its demand.

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