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Dr. Bob Paul
Dr. Bob Paul
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Dr. Brett Sparks


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About Hope Restored by Focus on the Family

Why do many people call their spouse their “better half”? Perhaps it’s because we are our “best self” when we are with our family, giving and receiving love and support. But many families are struggling; in fact, most do at some point. Hope Restored was founded over 21 years ago and has helped literally thousands of couples and families to find and restore safe homes of love and honor.

Whether your marriage is in crisis or you want to strengthen your bonds and grow in togetherness, Hope Restored has a program for you. And they have an absolutely remarkable success rate. After two years, more than 80% of their clients’ marriages are still intact. They’ve served over 8,000 couples from 34 countries who could have chosen any facility, but chose Hope Restored right here in Branson, Missouri. Their talented staff and licensed counselors are gifted with a deep faith as part of their core identity and are capable of providing an entire year’s worth of counseling in just one week.

Hope Restored, by Focus on the Family, believes that the Lord wants nothing but the best for marriages and families, and they are determined to do everything in their power to help you, your marriage and your family.