We Won Two Nichee Awards!

Big news, y’all: 417 Magazine and Biz 417 took home two awards from the Super Niche Media Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Mar 28 2017 at 12:31 p.m.

VP of Operations Megan Johnson and VP of Sales Ammie Scott claimed the awards in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Big news, y’all: 417 Magazine and Biz 417 took home two awards from the Super Niche Media Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina! Niche Media is dedicated to niche publishing and the niche event world. Last year, 417 Magazine won a Niche award for Best Social Media Ecosystem.

Best Niche Company Culture: 417 Magazine

According to Niche, 417 Magazine won Best Company Culture by working with its employees to make 417 Magazine a great place to work. Niche seeks organizations that, through encouraging collaboration and creativity in the workplace, have developed a positive workplace that makes a point to put culture front and center. Our culture includes:

  • Interdependent Autonomy: Every team member is aware of their deadlines and does what it takes to get the best work done on time. No micromanagement necessary.
  • Fun Committee: We make it a point to play as hard as we work. Our Fun Committee ensures that we have Halloween costume contests, monthly potlucks and more. Note: We are ruthlessly competitive and always hungry.
  • #417culture: We’re constantly updating our personal social media accounts with work we’re doing, food we’re eating, people we’re interviewing and issues we’re releasing—all with the hashtag #417culture. We’re proud to show off what we do at our job, because it’s the best job in the world.
  • 417 University: We've grown, but we keep employees informed on every department's inner workings through a quarterly interactive education series.
  • Core Team: No idea is a bad idea. A rotating representation of each department meets monthly to address improvement needed within the company, then is given autonomy to take the lead.
  • No Gossip: When something isn't working, we take the issue directly to the person who can do something about it.

Interested in joining the team? Apply here.

Best Niche Event Launch: Biz 417's Think Summit

To be considered for Best Niche Event Launch, the event must have serious growth potential, tie-ins with the magazine brand, creative marketing and innovative revenue streams.

Biz 417 hosted its inaugural Think Summit, a one-day think tank where 275 attendees opened their minds to regional topics including education, inclusion and technology. 

We can’t wait to make Think Summit an annual gathering for our readers to explore new ideas, discuss exciting innovations and connect to the amazing business community we have right here in 417-land. We were honored to have Think Summit awarded Best Niche Event Launch, and can’t wait to strive for the same success next year.