We Get It. You’re Busy. Who Isn’t?

Don't be busy; be engaged.

By Diana Day

Feb 17 2017 at 9:09 a.m.


I have recently realized that every time I ask someone how they are doing, I seem to get the same response. “Good. Busy. How are you?”

We are all busy. We all have 100 emails, we all have to balance work and family obligations, we all need time to ourselves, we all like to see our friends and we all have things that pop up completely out of the blue at the worst times.

I have begun to feel that our society glorifies busy. People seem to think that busy means successful, powerful or smart. When we say we are busy, are we trying to always one-up one another and show the world how “successful” we are? When did we as a collective society decide that being busy was a such a good and powerful thing?

I chose to join boards. I chose to be active in our community. I chose to work at all hours of the day and have my email readily accessible on my mobile devices. I chose to hang out with my friends or family when I should be doing laundry. But, with all of the many, many things that I chose to do, I also chose to not be busy. I chose to be active, engaged and love every minute of it. When people ask me how I am, I will no longer succumb to busy. Being “busy” prevents me from enjoying all the things that I have chosen to be a part of! I love what I do, and I plan to do all of it with all of my energy. Just changing the mindset from being “busy” to being involved and loving it has given me a burst of energy to tackle my next project.

So, How are you doing?