February Insights

The People Centric team shares their top lessons for February.

By People Centric Team

Feb 16 2017 at 9 a.m.


Each month, we go to the team at People Centric Consulting Group to gather its insights based on real experiences with organizations.

“When a relationship is broken, both sides know it. When we work with an employer who is frustrated with an employee, we almost always find an employee who is also frustrated. If everyone in business just remembers this, people would communicate with each other more carefully and deliberately.”—Don Harkey

“If you want your team to have clarity, create a ‘we’ culture with a shared purpose.”—Randy Mayes

“Oftentimes, employees don’t get to see the struggles and pain executives go through when making tough decisions. Have grace and know that most leaders aren’t out to ruin employees; they’re trying to give employees the best opportunity available.”—Bethany Bishop