Teri Bee on Customer Service

The Director of Lending at Volt Credit Union shares her secrets to providing the best customer experience.

by Rae Swan Snobl

Aug 10 2021 at 8 a.m.

Photo courtesy Volt Credit Union

Biz 417:  What does customer service mean to you?
Teri Bee
: Excellent customer service is something we work for here at Volt as a whole, but it is also something that I personally strive to accomplish. I always treat people how I would want and expect to be treated, whether it is a member or teammate at Volt. Communication in person, by phone, or email should be respectful, helpful and courteous.


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Biz: How do you maintain good customer service?
T.B.: I focus on how we can help people. I love being able to help members get into their forever homes with purchase mortgages and helping with refinances too. I constantly keep members updated throughout the mortgage loan process since it isn’t a “quick fix” loan and takes a while. We can do loans to help with home improvements or for other needs such as medical issues, but my favorite is helping with debt consolidation. Sometimes I can save customers more than $1000 per month which can be life changing.

Biz: After 19 years of mortgage loan experience, what do you think is one key to helping customers in lending?
T.B.:  We need to “problem solve” for members.  While underwriting, I cannot always give someone a “yes” on a loan application, but will try to find a way to work out a different strategy to help them get to a “yes” in the future. Sometimes a “yes” now, may not be exactly how they initially applied for the loan. I always try to listen to what a person is saying and sometimes not saying, before trying to help them. What they apply for, isn’t always what they really need.