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Q&A with Ty Iechyd Da Distillery Director of Brewery and Distillery Operations Brian Allen

With two expansions in the works, Springfield Brewing Company’s Ty Iechyd Da Distillery Director of Brewery and Distillery Operations Brian Allen talks progress and hints at what’s next.

By Jennifer Johnmeyer

Nov 2023

Render of new Springfield Brew Co. location
Rendering courtesy Arkifex StudiosSpringfield Brewing Company has two expansions planned for the coming year.

Biz 417: What led to your decision to expand outside Springfield? 
Brian Allen: We have been looking for opportunities to extend our on-site presence for a while, in terms of location but also in terms of experience. BrewCo has been a mainstay in downtown Springfield for many years, and we are super proud of that history. At the same time, we want to continue to grow with the community and offer different options to engage with more and more people and continue to be a leader in the region.

Biz 417: There are two new locations in the works: Willard and Strafford/Rogersville. How did you come to select those areas, and how are the developments progressing?
B.A.: We knew we wanted to have a location that would allowus to incorporate more outdoor space. The location in Willard was ideal in that it was on the Frisco Highline Trail. Through SBC Athletics, biking and running have long been close to our hearts. We love the mission of Ozark Greenways and were excited to be a part of that in some small way. Additionally, the building itself was sized appropriately for an expansion of our production facilities and would allow us to make beers and other products that we could not downtown. Estimated completion is Q2 2024.

In terms of the east side/Rogersville location, again, we wanted a space that would have good indoor-outdoor flow. This location was an existing distillery, and we felt it would give us an opportunity to do more unique spirits and create more interactive, educational opportunities than the downtown distillery. The bonus is a wood-fired pizza oven, which was already there and will be the basis for a small menu. Estimated completion is Q4 2023.

Biz 417: What else is on the horizon? 
B.A.: These projects are progressing steadily, if at times slowly, but that is the nature of the beast. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel at our downtown distillery expansion and are excited to get that online before the year ends.

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