Jean Nyberg Shares Her Three Reasons to Stay Loyal to One Company

FORVIS partner Jean Nyberg started as an intern at BKD in 2001. She shares why she chose to stay and grow her career at BKD.

By Ren Bishop

Oct 2023

Jean Nyberg from Forvis | Biz417
Photo courtesy FORVISJean Nyberg shares her reasons why to stay loyal to a company.

Jean Nyberg has never been bored working at FORVIS. She began her career in public accounting in 2001, working as an audit intern at what was then BKD. Two years later, she graduated from the University of Missouri and moved back to Springfield to start a career at the company that helped her thrive.

Twenty years and a merger later, Nyberg is now a partner at FORVIS. There, she oversees a team of accounting professionals, serving a variety of industries. She shares why she’s never left – and why she thinks more young professionals should plant roots, too.



When you invest years in an organization, you learn a company fully and learn how to best work within it.
In any organization, each year brings with it so much change. To fully understand the scope of an organization and its impact, employees need to be there for five years – at least, she says. “You have to give the place a real try, and that takes at least five years. You’ll learn the company fully, and you’ll gain so much knowledge. And after five years, if it’s not a good fit, you leave with a wealth of knowledge that’s so valuable to any employer. If you stay 12 or 24 months, you’re just reaching the surface of what you can gain from an organization.”

With years invested, you can choose comfort or challenge in your work.
Home purchases, marriages, babies, and so much more – as years go by, changes may come in your personal life. When you’ve put down roots in an organization, you can choose how much you want to engage at your current level or pursue more opportunities. “I’m so comfortable at FORVIS because I know this place so well, but I’m always challenged. I don’t have the same job I had at 22 or 32, and that’s intentional. In a larger company, you can navigate around to do more of the things that you really like. You’re not stuck in the same job, you can make your own path and often, work to set your own schedule or find a role with the flexibility you need.”

Within an organization, you can create an action plan to reach professional goals more effectively.
Partner or part-time, early retirement or executive level, when you learn an organization fully, you can plan your professional path to match your dreams. Thinking long-term with career moves is easier within an organization you know, she says. “A career is a marathon, not a sprint, and when you have a marathon mindset, you can build your career in an impactful way. You’re looking at the end of your career, where you want to be, instead of hopping from title to title, or thinking about that one-time $3,000 sign-on bonus. But if you have a long-term mindset, it helps you focus on what skills you need to build so you can get to your ultimate end goal.”

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