People Centric January Insights

Each month, we go to the team at People Centric Consulting Group to gather their own insights based on real experiences with organizations.

People Centric Team

Jan 13 2016 at 12:39 a.m.


Don Harkey – Attempts to avoid conflict might be the greatest source of conflict.  When conflict is avoided, it tends to get magnified until it comes up in less than healthy ways.  Organizational cultures that avoid conflict often develop a culture of blame.  

Spencer Harris – An organization's identity (as understood by both its employees and customers) can be as important to its growth as its revenue. As your company develops and grows, be intentional about managing how your people and others perceive your organization.

Diana Day – During this time of year, we all like to make some sort of resolution. This year, I am making the resolution to not feel guilty about “failing” at my resolutions.  My decisions to take any steps at all can get me going in the right direction, even if I don't make it to my final destination.  Business (and life) is fluid and always changing and sometimes the things you think are important suddenly become unimportant.  Or something happens that changes or alters all the plans you made in your well thought out strategic plan.  This year I am going to embrace the fluidity and not be disappointed when the final destination isn't reached and instead take a look at all the places I went.  Because, some days, taking even a few steps is better than taking no steps.

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