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Molly Holtmann on the Importance of Partnering with Nonprofits

How the Director of Community Health and Access for Mercy Hospital forms and leverages alliances with community resources and why you should too.

by Rae Swan Snobl

Nov 2021

Molly Holtmann at Mercy Hospital
Photo courtesy Mercy HospitalMolly Holtmann

Biz 417: How does your role with Mercy work with nonprofit agencies?
Molly Holtmann: My focus is to connect vulnerable patients with resources that are available throughout our community. My team partners with many of the not-for-profit organizations throughout the city such as the Salvation Army, CPO’s One Door, Connecting Grounds, Victory Mission, Catholic Charities, Safe to Sleep, MSU Care Clinic, and others. Many times, if a patient comes into the hospital that is unsheltered or hungry, the best thing we can provide them is not healthcare, but a warm place to sleep or a hot meal.

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Biz: Why is it crucial to build community partnerships?
M.H.: These services are important to both our patients and our employees. I also chair Mercy’s Coworker Crisis fund. When an employee is experiencing a crisis, we can assist them financially, and also refer them to services available through the community. By networking with the partners in the community, I am able to contact various organizations that can assist with social needs. Once a person feels better and is being treated with care and dignity, they can achieve much more than even they believed.

Biz: How can employers utilize nonprofits?
M.H.: We often think about the leadership roles volunteering creates, but these alliances also help employers offer resources to their own employees when they are in crisis. You never know when you or someone you know will need the services offered. I am proud of all the ways we help our employees navigate difficult times at Mercy. I know other community leaders who have started a coworker crisis fund in their organizations as well. This creates employees who are cared for and helps with retention too.

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