Mitchum Jewelers Creates New Store and Customer-Focused Experience

After having outgrown their current building, Mitchum Jewelers opened their new and improved space to the public mid-November.

By Abigail Blaes

Nov 2018

Mitchum Jewelers, Ozark, MO
Rendering courtesy Mitchum JewelersIt's been in the works for months, but Mitchum Jewelers in Ozark is finally ready for the grand opening of its remodel and expansion.

Mitchum Jewelers has completed its remodel and expansion, just in time to welcome the holiday rush.

When owner Randy Mitchum realized that his current space was too small, he knew big change was coming and that he would be leading the charge. “We’ve just outgrown our facility,” Mitchum says of the Ozark storefront. “And I wanted to design a new customer shopping experience.”

He asked: how can Mitchum Jewelers keep its focus on the customer experience while also developing a welcoming, top-notch floor plan?

Mitchum began the process by identifying opportunities for growth and improvement while considering the areas of his business identity that thrive off of constancy. The jewelry store kept its same address, but doubled the floor space as a result of completely remodeling the original store. The addition and renovations include an office expansions, additional storage, a private consulting room, revamped displays for popular lines Pandora and Tacori, plus updated furnishings.

Mitchum Jewelers, Ozark, MO

The construction team took extra care to make the exterior of the building perfect. Every piece of wood was hand-placed, and every seam was dovetailed.

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Mitchum Jewelers, Ozark, MO

Owner Randy Mitchum wanted to ensure that there were no regrets after the remodel and expansion had been completed. "I would rather just do it the way we want to do it now and not have to look back."

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Mitchum Jewelers, Ozark, MO

It's the small details of the store that truly make it shine. The careful design of the architect has been brought to life with the precision of the construction team and contractors.

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Photos by Abigail Blaes
Photos courtesy Randy Mitchum Two of Mitchum Jewelers' signature lines, Pandora and Tacori, got the star treatment: a revamped and expanded section of the store.

Mitchum says he hopes the refresh will propel the jewelry store to the next level, allowing for bigger events given a more effective floor plan. Previously, it had issues fitting their excited patrons in the door for popular ladies night and holiday shopping events. 

While Mitchum Jewelers hasn’t expanded its product lines, the store’s new layout allows for a more personalized shopping experience. “People want to be involved,” he says. “They don’t want the suit and tie like we’re trying to sell them something. We want to be a partner with our consumer. They become our friends.”

Mitchum Jewelers Creates New Store and Customer-Focused Experience

Mitchum’s customer service strategy has certainly paid off as they continue to expand. “We’re growing every year. Last year we had record-shattering numbers. This year with the organic growth and talk within the area, I think it’s going to happen again,” Mitchum says.

The grand opening is set tentatively for early January, but the new store is completed and open to the public. Keep a lookout on social media for the grand opening event.

Mitchum Jewelers

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