How Megan Ellis Leaned Into Nontraditional Messaging to Rebrand Volt Credit Union

Frank & Maven Marketing Consultant Megan Ellis worked with Volt Credit Union to redefine banking for the next generation.

Lillian Stone

Aug 2019

Frank & Maven Marketing Consultant Megan Ellis.
Photo courtesy Megan Ellis.Megan Ellis, Frank & Maven marketing consultant, helped Volt Credit Union stand out from the competition through a rebrand that now appeals to a younger demographic.

Biz 417: What sparked Volt’s rebrand process?
Megan Ellis:
Volt CU, formally Community Financial Credit Union, has been around for a long time—this isn't even their first name change. First, they were Mid America Credit Union over 80 years ago, and they’ve been CFCU since the late 90s. The problem is that there are more than 1,000 credit unions that have the word “community” in the title, and the team wanted to stand out amongst other credit unions. They were also expanding to a beautiful new building on Republic Road. It’s a hip space, so they wanted to appeal to a younger demographic while keeping their membership intact.


Volt Credit Union in Springfield MO

Biz: How did you draw inspiration during the rebrand?
M.E.: When you think of banking, you might think of a traditional, even cold feel. We wanted to do something completely unexpected. A big part of that is because of Volt’s CEO, Loretta Roney. She’s warm, approachable, funny and down to earth—the opposite of a traditional banker. Ultimately, we wanted people to walk into Volt without feeling scared about financial limitations. Some words that inspired us were “moxie,” “electric” and “vibrant.”
Biz: You juggle a lot—how do you stay balanced?
M.E.: I have two little boys, and we’re expecting a little girl this fall. Everything I do is for my family, that’s my “why.” I’ve also been teaching and practicing yoga at Sumits Hot Yoga for eight years, and that’s my deepest passion outside of motherhood and family. Yoga and mindfulness help me stay centered.

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