Fit in Fifteen

Turn your midday slump into an in-office energy boost with Fitness Trucking Founder Siphiwe Baleka’s 15-minute equipment-free workout. If you’re on the go, download this Fitness Forever workout for free on the Skimble Workout Trainer app

Warm Up

20 seconds: Run in place at 90 percent of your fullest intensity.

10 seconds: Do high knees at your maximum effort.

90 seconds: For an active recovery, continue doing high knees, but lower your intensity to a marching pace.

Repeat the warm up once.



30 seconds: Do double knees. Take a slightly staggered stance with your weight in your back leg and arms above your head. Lift your back leg to your chest while bringing your arms down toward your leg. Return to a standing position and repeat with the other leg.

30 seconds: Rest.

30 seconds: Fast-paced mountain climbers keep your heart rate up. Take a plank position, bring one knee up to your chest, replace your foot in the plank position and repeat with the other leg. Do this rapidly for the full 30 seconds.

30 seconds: Rest.

Repeat the circuit two more times.