What You Need to Know Before Election Day

A guide to local candidates and where they stand on the issues that affect your business.

By: Lillian Stone

Nov 04 2016 at 6:48 a.m.


Voting day is less than a week away. Before you hit the polls on November 8, review this quick and dirty election guide to familiarize yourself with the ballot. Quick note: This primer only addresses candidates directly relevant to 417-land. State senate candidates outside of 417-land, for example, aren’t on this list. You also won’t find information on presidential candidates or candidates running unopposed. Click here for the ballot in your district.

Not sure where to vote? Find your polling place here. Not sure if you’re registered? Double-check here. Not sure which district you’re in? Check here. Questions? Shoot us a message on Facebook.


U.S. Senator Candidates

Roy Blunt
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Has voted against raising minimum wage; votes in favor of maintaining unemployment benefits. Supports increasing manufacturing; bolstering U.S. economic security with strong overseas markets.
Taxes: Opposed to progressive taxation. Voted for George W. Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut. Has voted to end offshore tax havens.
Energy/Environment: Opposes American dependence on foreign oil. Has repeatedly voted against environmental incentives and mandated protection policies.

Jason Kander
Party: Democrat
Economy/Jobs: Wants to eliminate “unnecessary” paperwork for farmers and small businesses. Advocates for women in the workplace, supporting paid leave and a “livable” minimum wage.
Taxes: Wants to close tax loopholes for companies sending jobs overseas. Supports a middle class tax cut.
Energy/Environment: Supports tax relief for those working toward sustainability. Supports the Missouri Clean Energy Act.

Jonathan DineJonathan Dine is representing the Libertarian Party in the race for the Missouri Senate seat. Find out more here.

Johnathan McFarland: Johnathan McFarland is running as a Green Party representative. Visit his website for more information.

Fred Ryman: Fred Ryman is representing the Constitution Party in this year’s race. Find out more here.

U.S. House of Representatives Candidates, District 7

Billy Long
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Cosponsored the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act to eliminate “unnecessary burden” on small businesses.
Taxes: Sponsored H.J. Res. 2 to add a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Energy/Environment: Wants to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources by increasing U.S. energy production.

Genevieve Williams
Party: Democrat 
Economy/Jobs: Supports a $15 minimum wage.
Taxes: Wants to end tax cuts for top earners.
Energy/Environment: Wants to move toward sustainable, domestic energy sources.

Benjamin T. Brixey: Read more about Benjamin Brixey, Missouri’s libertarian Congressional candidate, here.

Governor Candidates

Eric Greitens
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Supports Right-to-Work legislation to foster job growth.
Taxes: Supports simplifying Missouri’s tax code to close special interest loopholes.
Energy/Environment: Against EPA overreach; wants to work toward autonomy, particularly for small farmers.

Chris Koster
Party: Democrat
Economy/Jobs: Hopes to create jobs and boost the economy by expanding Medicaid; Hopes to move Missouri forward by improving state infrastructure.
Taxes: Wants to focus on reducing business taxes and streamlining regulations.
Energy/Environment: Hopes to fight against the EPA’s “federal overreach.”

Cisse W. Spragins: Find out more about the libertarian candidate for governor here.

Don Fitz: Don Fitz is representing the Green Party in Missouri’s upcoming gubernatorial race. Find out more here.

Lester Benton Turilli, Jr.: Lester 
Turilli is an independent candidate for governor. Visit Turilli’s website for more information.

Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Mike Parson
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Supported the Right to Farm initiative in favor of Missouri agriculture.
Taxes: Supported 2014’s across-the-board tax cut.
Energy/Environment: No public stance on environmental issues.

Russ Carnahan
Party: Democrat
Economy/Jobs: Voted for multiple government stimulus packages. Supports shareholder and stockholder rights.
Taxes: Fully supports progressive taxation.
Energy/Environment: Voted for tax relief for sustainable efforts. Voted for a moratorium on offshore drilling.

Steven R. Hedrick: Find out more about the Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor here.

Jennifer Leach: Click here for more information on Jennifer Leach’s Green Party platform.

Attorney General Candidates

Josh Hawley
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Prioritizes Missouri’s farmers and opposes “bureaucracy and overregulation.” 
Taxes: Hopes to minimize taxpayer burden by reducing waste in Attorney General's office.
Energy/Environment: Opposes “EPA overreach.” Opposes the Clean Power Plan.

Teresa Hensley
Party: Democrat
Economy/Jobs: Wants to support small businesses and workers by strengthening Social Security and Medicare.
Taxes: Leans toward “common sense” budget reform to make sure that wealthy individuals are paying their fair share.
Energy/Environment: Supports largely domestic energy resources. Supports the regulation of greenhouse gasses.

State Treasurer Candidates

Eric Schmitt
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Worked to reduce individual income tax and small business tax rates.
Taxes: Wants to invest more money in state “main street banks.” Plans to publicize all government spending in public online portal. Plans to strengthen Missouri’s MOST 529 program. Schmitt authored two of the largest tax cuts in Missouri history.
Energy/Environment: No public stance on environmental issues.

Judy Baker
Party: Democrat
Economy/Jobs: Plans to work toward economic programs for the future including a sustainable family farm program and prison to re-entry savings accounts.
Taxes: Plans to produce a user friendly, searchable annual report card for taxpayers to review how their money is being spent.
Energy/Environment: Supports renewable energy incentives.

​Carol Hexem: The Green Party’s website has more information on Carol Hexem’s candidacy.

Sean O’Toole: Visit O’Toole’s website for more information on his libertarian platform.

Secretary of State Candidates

Jay Ashcroft
Party: Republican
Economy/Jobs: Hopes to minimize startup fees and “red tape” for small businesses.
Taxes: Hopes to reduce government spending to unburden taxpayers.
Energy/Environment: No public stance on environmental issues.

Robin Smith: Robin Smith’s democratic campaign platform has not placed emphasis on the issues addressed in this article. Find out more here.

Chris Morrill: Find out more about Missouri’s libertarian candidate for secretary of state here. 

Missouri House of Representatives Candidates

Click a candidate's name for more information.
District 131: Sonya Murray Anderson, R; Nate Branscom, D; Arthur Hodge Sr., Libertarian
District 132: Thomas Quinn, R; Crystal Quade, D; Chris Burros, Libertarian
District 133: Curtis D. Trent, R; Jim Clemmons, D
District 134: Elijah Haahr, R; Angela Dowler Pryor, D; Daniel A. Romine, Libertarian
District 135: Steve Helms, R; Randy Alberhasky, D; David Carr, Libertarian
District 136: Kevin Austin; R; Jeff Munzinger, D
District 140: Lynn Morris, R; Jim Billedo, D


Now you're ready to hit the polls. Not sure where to vote? Find your polling place here. Not sure if you’re registered? Double-check here. Not sure which district you’re in? Check here. Questions? Shoot us a message on Facebook.