Biz 417's Excellence in Technology Awards

Technology is the backbone of business. That’s why Biz 417 and the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) of the Ozarks asked for the standouts and the innovators in 417-land’s technology and business communities for the third annual Excellence in Technology Awards, presented by Total Highspeed Internet Solutions.

The 2019 awards, open to all organizations and industries, recognize three corporate entities and three individuals. Read about each of the categories below. Nominations for 2019 have ended.

Corporate Categories:

Community Impact Award

Community Impact
This award recognizes the business or organization in any field that has made a significant difference in 417-land through technology.

Most Innovative Startup Award

Most Innovative Startup
Starting any new business means taking a risk, but that’s especially true for startups creating or relying on new technology. This award recognizes a business less than five years old that is successfully innovating in its field or reimagining how people in 417-land and beyond live and work.

Enterprise Technology Award

Enterprise Technology
This award recognizes a business or organization in any field that has created the best new technology or software application. The technology can be used internally or be available to outside clients and customers.

Individual Categories:

IT Executive of the Year Award

IT Executive of the Year
This award honors the leadership and vision it takes to successfully run an IT department, company or organization.

Rising Star Award

Rising Star
IT continues to be an emerging field of choice for students and young professionals. This award recognizes the excellence of an up-and-coming technology professional who is under the age of 35 and has been working for less than five years in IT.

Engineer of the Year Award

Engineer of the Year
Infrastructure design and support would not be possible without engineers. This award honors the work of a system or network engineer who has significantly contributed to the region’s technology sector.


Nominations are open to the public and can be submitted by anyone. Once the nomination period closes, Biz 417 contacts all nominees and asks each to complete a questionnaire. An independent panel of judges reviews these questionnaires to determine the finalists and winners for each category. Only the staff of Biz 417 knows the winners prior to the event on February 28, 2019.

Previous winners are not eligible to win in the same category more than once. In the Enterprise Technology category, a winner is defined as the specific technology and/or program recognized. This means the same business or organization can receive the Enterprise Technology award multiple times as long as the technology and/or program being recognized is different each year. For all other categories, a winner is defined as the business, organization or person recognized.

Past Winners

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