Small Bites

Tinned Fish Snack Board

Make your own tinned fish snack board by following these steps.

Tinned fish snack board
Photo by Tessa Cooper


• 1 tin smoked rainbow trout 
• 1 tin sardines 
• Crackers 
• Brie
• Olives
• Lemon, cut into wedges
• Sliced radishes
• Fresh dill
• Whole grain mustard
• Tomato chutney


Remove lids of tinned fish, serve in tins on board. Arrange crackers along the outside edges of board. Slice brie wedge in half and place on opposite sides of board. Fill empty spaces with olives, lemon wedges and sliced radishes. Place tomato chutney and whole grain mustard on small plates, such as butter pats, and add them to the board. Garnish with dill.