Small Bites

Spinach Artichoke Dip

A healthy dose of cream cheese adds plenty of richness, while lemon juice brightens up the whole dish. Recipe courtesy of The Pitch Pizza & Pub.

Photo by Vivian Wheeler

Serves 8. Recipe courtesy of The Pitch Pizza & Pub.

¾ cup green onions, chopped
2 pounds whole canned artichokes
½ tablespoon ground black pepper
1½ pounds cream cheese
¾ cup feta
1½ cups heavy whipping cream
½ pound spinach
1 lemon, juiced

To prepare
Place all ingredients, except for spinach, in a pot. Over medium heat, stir frequently to cream all ingredients together. Once ingredient are combined and artichokes are broken up, add spinach. Cook spinach for five minutes. Remove from heat and place in a dish for serving. Serve with toast points or chips.