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Roasted Salsa

Grandpa’s Famous Molcajete is the actual name given to this beloved family salsa recipe by Juan Jimenez of La Michoacana.

Fresh Salsa by Juan Jimenez of La Michoacana.

Makes one bowl. Recipe by Juan Jimenez of La Michoacana. 

2 tomatoes
2 jalapeño peppers
1 Hungarian wax pepper
1 avocado, pitted and skin removed
Fresh tortilla chips 

To Prepare
Heat a skillet on medium-high until hot, approximately two minutes. Place tomatoes and peppers in the hot skillet and roast until slightly charred, roughly 2 minutes per side. Remove vegetables from skillet, and place in a molcajete. (Note: If you don’t have a molcajete, you can try the recipe with a mortar and pestle.) Smash tomatoes and peppers until they form a liquid, salsa-like consistency. Add avocado and continue mashing until smooth. Serve with fresh tortilla chips or as a garnish with tacos.